Our team

PHINZ board members

Elrond Burrell
Chair, Board Member

Elrond is an Architect & certified Passive House designer. He is passionate about improving people’s quality of life, health and environmental impact by designing beautiful, sustainable, high-performance architecture. He is a frequent keynote presenter and lecturer on Passive House.

Guy Shaw
Treasurer, Secretary, Board Member

Guy is an architectural designer based in Wellington. He has worked extensively on Passive House projects in the UK and NZ.

Matthew Cutler-Welsh
Board Member

Matthew has 10 years of experience leading residential energy efficiency projects, including nearly four years as Technical Manager for Homestar at the New Zealand Green Building Council.

Kara Rosemeier
Board Member

Kara leads the Passive House Academy New Zealand and teaches building science in Auckland. She has been the director of an engineering consultancy, advised federal state government in Germany on matters of building energy efficiency, supported private clients on Passive Houses design, and supervised hundreds of retrofit projects.

Andrea Stocchero
Board Member

Andrea is an Italian registered Architect with expertise in sustainability and energy efficiency. He is part of the Built Environment team at Scion, where he specialises in forestry and wood products research.

Priscila Besen
PHINZ Fellow

Priscila is a Brazilian architect with a background in thermal comfort and energy efficiency research. She completed a Master of Architecture in Sustainable Design at the University of Auckland, with a research focus on the ongoing performance of Passive Houses built in New Zealand.