This section contains many resources from PHINZ and from other organisations around the world. Check them out and know more about Passive Houses and how to implement them in New Zealand!

Resources from PHINZ

Passive House: Homes Where People Thrive

An accessible guide for people planning to build a new home – learn all about the health, comfort and quality benefits of a Passive House. This concise guide also has the details of what sets Passive House apart, the stages of a Passive House project and much more.

Passive House: Homes Where People Thrive (Low Res)

Low-res version of the above guide in case you want to email it.

How do I refer to my project?

A visual guide to assist with terminology when referring to a project or talking about the Passive House Standard. See also “Claiming the Passive House standard”

Claiming the Passive House Standard

A technical briefing document outlining relevant NZ law and clarifying PHINZ’s position on claims of the “Passive House Standard” and how the terms “Passive House” and “Passivhaus” should be used in Aotearoa NZ.
See also “How do I refer to my project?”

How to Talk About Passive House

A checklist for our members to help advocate for Passive House by communicating its proven benefits using accurate and compelling story-telling.

Renewing your professional certification

A guide on how to re-certify your Designer/Consultant and Tradesperson PH Certification with the Passivhaus Institut Germany.

How to account for thermal bridges

A guide on how to calculate linear thermal bridges in Passive Houses with THERM (v1d)

Measuring Airtightness in New Zealand Passive Houses

A guide listing all the requirements for testing and measuring airtightness in NZ, to comply with AS/NZS ISO 9972:2015 and the Passive House standard

Passive House & the NZ Building Code

The PHINZ position paper on what a Certified Passive House is, the status of housing in New Zealand, issues with the NZ Building Code as it stands and issues with other suggested approaches to improving it

SPPHC17 Resources

Papers and presentations from the South Pacific Passive House Conference 2017 for download.

High-performance Buildings at Scale

Q&A with Chris Higgins (Green Building Planner for the City of Vancouver), Emma Osmundsen (Managing Director Exeter City Living Ltd.) Hosted by Kara Rosemeier (PHINZ) with special guest Alex Baker (Sustainability Programme Manager at Kāinga Ora)

Efficiency First Pamphlet

PHINZ’s pamphlet for the international campaign  – Efficiency: The First Renewable Energy. #EfficiencyFirst.

Resources from other organisations

Active for more comfort: Passive House

An informational brochure created by iPHA on the benefits and requirements of Passive Houses

How to Build a Passivhaus: rules of thumb

A guide from the Passivhaus Trust which highlights the key aspects of designing to the Passivhaus standard and the do’s and don’ts on how to successfully build a Passivhaus

Passivhaus: an Introduction

An introductory guide from the Passivhaus Trust which provides an overview of the Passivhaus standard, how it can be achieved, how to get started

Step-by-step retrofits with Passive House Components

Not only new buildings! This document from the Passive House Institute Germany highlights the benefits of a Passive House for existing buildings as well

Why choose Passivhaus?

A publication from the Passivhaus Trust which addresses some of the questions and misconceptions that have been raised around Passivhaus

Criteria for the Passive House, EnerPHit, and PHI Low Energy Building standards

This document contains the complete criteria for the energy standards for buildings as defined by the Passive House Institute (PHI).

Planning and Construction for a Sustainable Future brochure

Passive House Institute (Germany) brochure on Expertise for Architects, Engineers and Tradespeople. PHINZ provides training in Aotearoa NZ through the Passive House Academy NZ