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Our sponsors and members provide a range of services and products for use in Passive House projects. The directory includes Certified Passive House professionals, who have successfully completed the requirements of the Passive House Institute to gain the following qualifications:

Certified Passive House Designer Certified Passive House Consultant Certified Passive House Tradesperson Passive House Certifier Certified Passive House Component

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Inspired by Europe’s top performing building methods, we developed our very own innovative New Zealand designed prefabricated system.

Optimised for our unique geographic, climatic and seismic conditions, it is locally manufactured from a mix of NZ-made and recycled materials, then combined with some of the world’s best European building products such as Megrame Windows to make your new home stronger, safer, healthier and more environmentally sustainable than other alternatives.

NH Design & Project Management Ltd is a Wellington area based design & project management company, specialising in sustainable, affordable high-performance, energyefficient designs for new home construction.

Since 2017 we have been designed homes all over the country which optimise the unique Wellington life-style and environment each region. We are a small, personal company with a big reputation for friendly, professional service and high quality workmanship. We know that building your dream home is one of the biggest decisions you will make and we strive hard to bring your dreams to reality, taking pride in design not just a house, but a home brimming with individuality that reflects your tastes, needs and lifestyle – a home that you will love and love to live in.Each project has a dedicated team of qualified architectural designer, planner that see the work through from start to finish.
Unlike the volume-driven group house building companies who try to force-fit a standard plan to your site, we believe every situation (just like every customer) is unique and therefore deserves a unique approach.

We are happy to work with you, offer suggestions and develop your ideas to achieve the home you want, with imagination and without compromise.

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Certified Passive House professionals
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Certified Passive House professionals
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MyKiwiHouse is combining the best practises from Europe and New Zealand into a smart and sustainable home, which is cost efficient not only to build but also affordable to live in.

The result is a home with far superior heating savings (up to 90% better) than standard building code compliant houses.

The entire envelope has a thermal performance which meets PHI Low Energy Building Standard, i.e. energy demand of no more than 27 kWh/m2a (in Queenstown Climate Zone). The house can be Passive House certified at an additional cost.

Standard Specifications:

a) Walls 140mm framing + 45mm service cavity with 140mm + 50mm Earthwool (R-value 5.5).

b) Ceiling 2 @ 195mm Earthwool (R-value 8.2).

c) Intello vapour barrier in wall and ceiling.

d) Air changes per hour at 50 pascals of pressure (ACH50) = 0.5

e) MAXRaft insulated concrete foundation (R-value 4.5)

f) Timber/aluminium clad windows from Elitfonster in Sweden (U-value 0.80 = R-value 1.25):

    • Triple glazing with 2 @ Argon gas in 16mm cavities
    • 2 @ low E glazing
    • Warm edge spacer Swisspacer
    • Codemark Certified for New Zealand

The indoor climate is vastly improved by utilising an advanced heating and energy recovery ventilation system and the triple glazed timber windows , which keeps the entire home warm in the winter (and cold in the summer). Your home will be free from moisture and have a constant supply of fresh air directly from the outside.

Although compact in size, each function in the house has been cleverly designed, including innovative under-floor heating in bathrooms, and with a priority on the large open plan kitchen, dining and living area.

Our homes are built by local certified builders to the highest quality, which is normally only seen in expensive luxury houses. The difference is that we have down scaled to a minimalistic Swedish design, with smart use of standardisation to achieve ultimate cost efficiency.

A home for the future!

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Certified Passive House professionals

Smart Alliances delivers inter-disciplinary engineering, resource management, architecture and environmental solutions for their clients – from simple compliance certification, asbestos management to fully engineered commercial construction, coastal engineering, major civil works, soil testing, waste water, addressing the requirements of the RMA and district plans to the fulfilment of long held dreams of architectural brilliance.

Certified Passive House professionals
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Certified Passive House professionals

Changing lives through great architecture & design. That is our mantra.

To achieve that mantra we believe in the principle of Client-Centric Design. Client-Centric Design is an overarching philosophy that puts our clients at the centre of the design process. It focuses on an approach that prioritises the needs, preferences, and aspirations of the client or end-user throughout the architectural design process. The goal is to create buildings, spaces, and environments that not only meet functional requirements but also resonate with the people who will use and inhabit them. This approach is especially crucial as architecture has a direct impact on the well-being, comfort, and experiences of the occupants.

Client-Centric Design in architecture goes beyond the physical structure; it involves understanding and addressing the emotional and psychological needs of the clients. By placing the client at the centre of the design process, we can create spaces that truly resonate with and enrich the lives of those who use them.

At Imagine Architecture, we believe that good architecture has the power to change lives. That’s why we are committed to using Client-Centric Design principles in all of our projects. Whether we are designing a high quality, healthy home to Passive House standard or a commercial space, we always begin by listening to our clients and understanding their needs. From there, we use our expertise and creativity to craft spaces that are not only beautiful and functional, but also promote health, wellbeing, and happiness. Our tagline, “changing lives through great architecture and design”, reflects our belief that the spaces we design have the power to make a real difference in people’s lives.

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