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The Healthy Home Cooperation

3/471 , Manchester Street
182 Hereford Street Christchurch Canterbury 8011 NZ

Kia ora, my passion is high performance housing. Access to warm, draught free and earthquake resilient housing should be the right of every New Zealander. Houses built today should still be relevant in 30 years time.

It’s become my mission to change the way we design and build homes in Aotearoa. This is why I’m a Bronze member of PHINZ, on the Executive of Superhome Movement, why I led the production of The Healthy Home Design Guide, and why I have created The Healthy Home Cooperation.

Housing is about people. People working together in cooperation to provide Healthy Homes for people to live in.

Whether it is to make a difference for a family in a single house, a housing community or to change legislation, we all need to work jointly towards the same end, which is to achieve significant change.

Give me a call on 0273481110 to see how we can cooperate to design and build you a healthy resilient home.

Kia pai to ra (Have a nice day!)


Certified Passive House professionals
Certified person Certification expiry date Certification types
Damien McGill July 27, 2026 Certified Passive House Consultant