Launched on 15 February, this is the page to visit for updates on the international #EfficiencyFirst campaign!

The International Passive House Association (iPHA) and its partner organisations have launched the global “Efficiency: The First Renewable Energy” campaign. Te Tōpūtanga o te Whare Korou ki Aotearoa, Passive House Institute New Zealand (PHINZ) is the iPHA partner organisation in Aotearoa NZ. 

PHINZ CEO Amy Tankard comments, “Here in Aotearoa NZ, our electricity grid already comprises a high level of renewables and is relatively green compared to most of the world. But compelling evidence still shows that cutting emissions through efficiency is vital to achieve our climate goals.” (1)  

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Download a copy of the campaign launch media release as a PDF.

Find out more about the #EfficiencyFirst campaign on the International Passive House Association’s website also:


Updates & News

Competition: Explain Passive House – see the news item here.

Launch: PHINZ pamphlet Efficiency: The First Renewable Energy, now available to download.