CEP High Performance Construction Details Handbook Webinar

Location: Online
Date: 06/12/2021
Time: 4-5pm
Cost: Free

Event details

Carbon Energy Professionals NZ (CEP) hosted a High Performance Construction Details Handbook Webinar on Monday 6th Dec 4-5pm.

Speakers Amy Tankard (Passive House Institute NZ) and Jason Quinn (Sustainable Engineering Ltd) spoke about this initiative aimed to provide practical tools to help design and construction professionals create sustainable environments that perform well beyond Building Code thermal performance minimums.

The handbook includes:

  • The most useful elements and junctions with thermal analysis to ISO standards
  • CAD data for these generic details
  • R-value calculations for the elements
  • Thermal bridge performance in terms of PSI and fRSI values for junctions.
  • Selected commonly built details (those that comply with Building Code minimums) are also included for the sake of comparison.

If you missed the webinar or wish to see a re-run please find the recording below.