Webinar: Calculating Whole of Life Carbon Using PHribbon

Location: Online
Date: 16/02/2022
Time: 6-8pm
Cost: Free

Event details

PHribbon is a PHPP add-on that helps you model the whole of life carbon emissions of your design if you are already using the Passive House Planning Package (PHPP) on your project.

Hosted by the Passive House Academy Presented by: Jonathan Holmes, Certified Passive House Consultant, VIA architecture. This is a webinar for Certified Passive House Designers and Consultants – familiarity with PHPP is a prerequisite.

When: 16 February 2022, 6-8pm
Cost: Free

Webinar content:

  • Overview of how to assess a building’s carbon footprint, some of the challenges and limitations of modeling a building’s footprint, and achieving lower carbon buildings;
  • General appreciation of trade-offs between upfront and operational carbon emissions;
  • Use of PHribbon for design and benchmarking.

2 PHI CPD points V013_2022_NZ 

About PHribbon: www.phribbon.co.uk