Welcome to the PHPP 10 – What’s new for NZ?

Location: Online
Date: Monday 29th August 2022
Time: 12-1pm
Cost: Free

Event details

If you are an active Passive House Designer or Consultant you need to be at this webinar.

This short one-hour webinar will introduce the major changes from PHPP9 to PHPP10 and how they will impact us here in New Zealand (or the southern hemisphere in general).

Topics being discussed:

  1. How you no longer need to live behind the mirror for orientation entries in PHPP10 and the subtle (and no so subtle) impacts on building performance of not shifting the seasons six months
  2. fRSI – the custom moisture balance in PHPP10 allows more margin with joinery but comes at the cost of a custom fRSI limit for each project …
  3. Overheating – more tools to understand how it can impact your project
  4. PER – changes heading our way soonish.

Presented by Jason Quinn, Sustainable Engineering

When: Monday 29th August 2022, 12-1pm
Cost: Free

Passive House image pasted into PHPP10 is of Tocker Residence