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Our sponsors and members provide a range of services and products for use in Passive House projects. The directory includes Certified Passive House professionals, who have successfully completed the requirements of the Passive House Institute to gain the following qualifications:

Certified Passive House Designer Certified Passive House Consultant Certified Passive House Tradesperson Passive House Certifier Certified Passive House Component


3-13 Shortland Street, Auckland CBD, Auckland, New Zealand
13 Shortland Street Auckland Auckland 1010 NZ

Architectus is an architecture and urbanism practice designing places and spaces tuned to their communities, context and culture. Advocates for integrated design, we apply a rigorous and tailored approach to create environments that are inspiring and enduring. For over 30 years, we have been realising innovative and bespoke projects around Aotearoa New Zealand, shaping precincts and campuses with people and sustainability at their heart. We believe architecture begins with a social agenda. It must nurture and grow communities and individuals, and enhance its neighbourhood and city. We believe in being judicious with natural resources. Environmentally sensitive architecture requires us to be energy-efficient and space-efficient, and to use low-carbon materials and ethically sourced products. This is a holistic approach that embeds our practice in a continuum of artistic and technical progress, so the architecture we are responsible for will be relevant for decades to come.

Certified Passive House professionals
Certified person Certification expiry date Certification types
John Baker January 30, 2025 Certified Passive House Designer