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Hector Egger New Zealand

7-11 Old Saleyard Road, Cromwell, New Zealand
167 McNulty Road Cromwell Otago 9384 NZ

Hector Egger New Zealand is the new Cromwell based joint venture business formed between Swiss company Hector Egger Holzbau AG and local Queenstown based partners, Tristan Franklin and Stephan Mäusli. Hector Egger Holzbau AG has 20 years’ experience in offsite manufacturing of timber elements and panels, with three ISO 9001 certified factories operating in Switzerland. Construction is currently underway on the new 3,500m2 Cromwell factory and office building, with completion scheduled for the end of Oct 2020 and manufacturing starting Jan 2021.

Hector Egger New Zealand is replicating the same IP and processes as our Swiss partners and will specialise in the manufacture of high-tech timber elements and prefabricated timber panels (external and internal walls, ceiling and floor) for residential and commercial building construction. Our panelised system is either engineered to meet NZ code or designed to be fully compliant with NZS 3604 building standards. It is faster to completion, less expensive and higher quality when manufactured offsite. This solution can be used equally well across stand-alone houses, medium density developments, multi-storey apartments, schools and commercial buildings. A 150m2 family home will take approximately 6-8 weeks in design and engineering per typology, 3 days factory manufacture and 3 days on site installation to weathertight envelope. We provide fixed pricing for the manufacture and installation of our timber panels and elements.