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Our sponsors and members provide a range of services and products for use in Passive House projects. The directory includes Certified Passive House professionals, who have successfully completed the requirements of the Passive House Institute to gain the following qualifications:

Certified Passive House Designer Certified Passive House Consultant Certified Passive House Tradesperson Passive House Certifier Certified Passive House Component


Nala Studio Architects Limited

29 Customs Street West, Auckland CBD, Auckland, New Zealand
3/8 McKerrow Place, Sunshine Bay, Queenstown, New Zealand
29 Customs Street West Auckland Auckland 1010 NZ

Established in 2017 by Noor Keary, a registered architect in New Zealand, Nala Studio Architects is a boutique firm that engages in a wide array of architectural projects, encompassing residential and commercial spaces. The firm is adept at handling new constructions, renovations, extensions, and conversions of multiple units.

Our design philosophy integrates contemporary style, practical functionality with energy efficiency, focusing on tailored architectural solutions.

With offices located in both Auckland and Queenstown, Nala Studio Architects excels in design management and planning, crafting visually appealing yet practical spaces. The firm takes into consideration the unique characteristics of each site and the intended usage of the spaces, ensuring that all projects comply with relevant planning and legislative frameworks to facilitate smooth project completion.

The variety in their projects caters to a broad range of client needs and site specifics, including challenging landscapes such as steep terrains. Nala Studio Architects has received acclaim for its efficient service, professional conduct, and competence in managing intricate design and consent challenges.

For additional details, you can visit our office website (