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Our sponsors and members provide a range of services and products for use in Passive House projects. The directory includes Certified Passive House professionals, who have successfully completed the requirements of the Passive House Institute to gain the following qualifications:

Certified Passive House Designer Certified Passive House Consultant Certified Passive House Tradesperson Passive House Certifier Certified Passive House Component


Pro Clima New Zealand

Wellington, New Zealand
4 Willis Street Wellington Wellington 6011 NZ

Experts in airtightness and weathertightness system products that work together to create healthy, comfortable, energy-efficient and durable buildings.

Operating across the globe in more than 40 countries, pro clima enables healthy living conditions by protecting building structures from external and internal moisture damage.

Our extensive range of high-performance weathertightness and airtightness systems help to create draught-free, long lasting and low allergen emitting surroundings for families, schools and businesses.
We also provide industry-leading practical and theoretical training around New Zealand and online.


  • Wellington
  • Auckland
  • Whanganui
  • Christchurch
  • Central Otago

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Certified Passive House professionals
Certified person Certification expiry date Certification types
Richard Eden January 22, 2025 Certified Passive House Tradesperson
Richard Hollard May 9, 2027 Certified Passive House Tradesperson
Ben Ingledew April 8, 2023 Certified Passive House Tradesperson
Product System: INTELLO® & INTELLO PLUS® December 30, 2022 Certified Passive House Component
Product: AEROSANA® VISCONN December 30, 2022 Certified Passive House Component
Product Component: TESCON® VANA December 30, 2022 Certified Passive House Component