New Luggate Memorial Hall to be Passive House

Construction on a new and innovative Memorial Centre for Luggate is set to commence in July this year, targeting completion in April 2022. This will be Aotearoa NZ’s first community facility built to the Passive House standard – a very exciting development!

The centre has been designed by PHINZ members Salmond Architecture and Hiberna, along with the wider team.

Currently, Breen Construction, which has a special focus on environmental sustainability, is demolishing the old hall, and salvaging reusable materials. The new building has been carefully designed to cater for a wide range of community uses, and with an eye to the future.  The goal is to return a permanent focal point for the Luggate community, a place to bring people together locally but also an attractive venue for events that can be enjoyed by people across the district. 

“Luggate Hall is an important step for Passive House in New Zealand.” says PHINZ CEO Amy Tankard. “It will give local people the opportunity to experience the comfort of Passive House, and enable the building to be used efficiently year round, bringing the community together. It will also help to bring Passive House to New Zealand on a larger scale, as people understand the value a Passive House building can bring, and opportunities for industry professionals are expanded. Passive House is a wonderful way to create energy efficient, warm, dry and healthy spaces for all – be that in community centres, schools, hospitals, early childhood centres or anywhere that brings the community together.” 

More information about the new Luggate Memorial Centre, and the old Luggate Memorial Hall building, can be found here

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