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The “Component Award 2019 – Windows for the future” winners were announced at the International Passive House Conference in Gaobeidian, China.

Once again, companies in Aotearoa NZ are at the forefront of innovation and punching well above our weight for a small country. The two manufacturers of Passive House certified windows in Aotearoa NZ, Thermadura and SEDA, entered the awards and both won prizes. We are very proud that both companies are members of PHINZ. Congratulations to both SEDA and Thermadura!

The “1st Prize Timber Aluminium in warm, temperate climate” was award to Swartwin Compact that is manufactured by SEDA in Auckland .

The jury praised the standard of aesthetic and innovation in combination with a high degree of thermal protection and the innovative shading solution for this insulation thickness.

Jason Quinn accepting the award from Dr. Wolfgang Feist on behalf of SEDA
Photo: Nicola Patrick

The “Special Prize Economy” was awarded to NatureLine90 Passive that is manufactured by ThermaDura in Mosgiel.

The jury outlined the high quality of craftsmanship and practicability of window installation. Compared to a traditional, poor quality New Zealand wooden window, NatureLine has lower investment costs.

Jason Quinn accepting the award from Dr. Wolfgang Feist on behalf of Thermadura
Photo: Nicola Patrick

Full details of the awarda on the Passive House Institute (Germany) website: Component Award 2019 – Windows for the future.

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Position Description: Chief Executive Officer
Independent Contractor: 2 days per week equivalent (flexible hours, some travel/attendance at NZ events required)
Location: work from home (NZ)

Passive House Institute New Zealand (PHINZ) seeks an enthusiastic candidate with excellent leadership and management skills and strong knowledge of Passive House to perform a range of duties that will raise the profile of Passive House in NZ and grow our organisation.


Passive House Institute New Zealand (PHINZ) is an Incorporated Charitable Trust which aims to advance education and benefit the community through the promotion of the Passive House standard for energy efficient buildings. The Passive House standard is an internationally recognised way of providing superior indoor comfort and air quality while also dramatically reducing building energy use and carbon emissions.

Further information about PHINZ and Passive House can be found on the about page.

  • PHINZ Vision: All Kiwis live and work in buildings that contribute positively to their health, physical independence, and well-being and are part of the solution to climate change and a net zero New Zealand.
  • PHINZ Mission: To close the gap between the desired and actual performance of buildings, and to accelerate the delivery of measurable and continuous improvements in their indoor environmental quality in tandem with their energy-efficiency.

PHINZ is committed to inclusiveness and to celebrating our people’s diversity, regardless of gender, ethnicity, disability, sexual orientation, relationship status, age, physical appearance, religious beliefs and other matters that make no difference to how we work together.

PHINZ is run by a volunteer board with support by fellows and members. As the Passive House movement in New Zealand gains momentum, and our organisation expands, the Board considers there is a need for a CEO to drive the strategic objectives of the organisation.

The CEO is a non-technical role, meaning candidates do not need to be either certified Passive House professionals or practitioners. The role is not suitable for someone who has a conflict of interest such as someone working as a Passive House practitioner or product supplier. 

CEO Role & Responsibility

The following are the primary duties and core objectives of the CEO role:

  1. Establish a pathway to ongoing financial viability for PHINZ, including developing a business plan and securing ongoing funding for a strategic operating reserve that ensures the continuity of the core functions of the organisation. Namely: an administrative executive role; book-keeping, marketing and website support; organising one major biennial conference and one annual members gathering and the associated marketing support to effectively promote those events; and funding for the continuation of the CEO role including travel costs for effective advocacy and industry engagement, and its expansion from 2 days per week up to 3, then 4 and ultimately 5 days per week.
  2. Strengthen, build on and diversify sources of revenue, which are currently: membership fees, event ticket sales and software sales. Develop our industry sponsorship offering and build lasting sponsorship relationships. Develop new service offerings and revenue streams for PHINZ, for example: a registry of compliant Passive House Certified products with links to suppliers; philanthropic contributions from individuals or companies, government grants.
  3. Actively promote Passive House Certification in the NZ Real Estate industry, to potential owners, builders and among relevant professions and trades. Play a key role in educating the market and advocating for the increased take up of Passive House Certification. Promote case studies of completed projects and clearly articulate the costs, technical challenges and benefits of Passive House Certification.
  4. Stay informed about the number and type of certified Passive House projects delivered and in the pipeline in NZ.
  5. Grow the membership base and strengthen the value proposition of being a member of PHINZ.
  6. Demonstrate strong communication skills. Maintain appropriate records of activities and milestones. Share successes via PHINZ communications channels, including emails to members, website content, newsletter content, social media posts. Raise the profile of PHINZ in the industry, media and public realm in NZ.
  7. Inform the board of work in progress, make recommendations and provide direction for future work, and seek board guidance or sign off for key decisions and strategic direction. Produce written summary reports in support of Board meetings.
  8. Represent PHINZ in industry bodies and leverage extensive industry connections to advocate and influence decision makers to deliver Passive House Certified buildings.
  9. Underpinning all aspects of the CEO role is responsibility to forward the aims of PHINZ as Incorporated Charitable Trust.

Desirable attributes:

  1. Strong people skills: communication, networking, persuasion, advocacy and relationship management.
  2. Leadership experience
  3. Passion for sustainable buildings and Passive House Certification
  4. Flexibility to work part time while completing a diverse range of activities
  5. Strong organisational, administrative, and written communication skills
  6. Experience managing finances and balancing income and expenses. It is essential that the organisation maintains a strategic operating reserve sufficient to continue the provision of member services and conduct revenue generating activities (key among which is the South Pacific Passive House conference, hosted in NZ biennially.)

Position Details

Download full details of the position from here.

Please note you will be responsible for your own working environment and resources, including but not limited to a computer, Microsoft Office software, and a reliable internet connection.

Online applications only via the application page by 12 pm (noon), 18 October 2019.

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