South Pacific Passive House Conference 17 – papers and presentations to download.

Passive House development – Exeter’s recipe for success.
Presenter: Emma Osmundsen
Download: Presentation.

Mainstreaming Passive House – Lessons from the UK.
Presenter: Elrond Burrell
Download: Presentation.

Lessons learned from South Pacific Passive House certifications – how not to kill a Passive House project.
Presenters: Clare Parry, Jason Quinn
Download: PresentationPresentation Notes.

Passive Houses in New Zealand: a comparison between predicted and real performance through post-occupancy evaluation.
Presenter: Priscila Besen
Download: PaperPresentation.

Chifley Passive House: two years of performance data.
Presenter: Harley Truong
Download: PaperPresentation.

Scaling up for large commercial buildings.
Presenter: Robin Brimblecombe
Download: Presentation.

The Passive insurgency.
Presenter: Andrew Michler
Download: Presentation.

Cost-effectiveness of retrofits in Italy to the EnerPHit standard.
Presenter: Enrico Bonilauri
Download: Presentation.

Passive House: 25 years on and the new step-by-step EnerPHit retrofit plan.
Presenter: Jessica Grove-Smith
Download: Presentation.

Passive House Research & Development Centre (CREST).
Presenter: Barry McCarron
Download: PaperPresentation.

Passive House retrofit: delivering energy efficiency, comfort &indoor air quality in Australian homes.
Presenter: Joel Seagren
Download: Presentation.

BRANZ airtightness research project and its relevance for Passive Houses.
Presenter: Stephen McNeil
Download: [Coming Soon].

Passive for the masses.
Presenter: Adam Cohen
Download: Presentation.

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